Our Story

About Us

A long time ago in Marblehead, MA, little Petey Howey was asked to babysit an even littler Aaron Nocks. They got along just swell since Petey wasn’t TOO bossy, and a friendship was formed.

Fast forward 25 years, and grown-up Pete finds himself feeding hungry crew teammates on Boathouse Row in Philly.

Seems he had a knack for making pizzas and he couldn’t make them fast enough. So he did some thinking and some baking, .....and some more baking.

He then called Aaron back in MA, who promptly left behind his cutting edge Microbiological Research studies, in favor of a friendly business venture in Rosemont, PA.

They called it Peace A Pizza.

Now 15 years, and 13 stores later, they think it was the best decision they ever made. They spend their days spreading the peace, sharing the love and melting the mozzarella.

What’s cheesier than that?