Kids Korner

A Peace A Pizza Birthday Party is the most fun you can have for so little hassle! We do it all for you with invitations, favors and lots of ways to entertain your gang of cake-eaters. Our party package has EVERYTHING!

Price Per Child - $14.99 Call your local Peace A Pizza or speak to the Manager to schedule your event or get more information.

Here’s What’s Included

  • Parents are provided with party invitations for mailing
  • On party day, the Birthday Boy or Girl will be greeted by personalized signage at the door announcing the special event
  • All children will receive an apron & chef’s hat for their stay
  • Kids will make their own individual pizzas which are then baked in our oven and delivered back melty and delicious! The meal is completed with a fountain drink and cookie.
  • Our mascot, Slicey, will make a personal appearance perfect for a memorable photo opportunity
  • Kids will receive a goody bag and be invited to play some Peace A Pizza party games!
  • Party guests will receive personalized certificates of completion which they may redeem at a later date for a free slice.
  • Party Guests are sent off with a PAP balloon and a big smile!
  • Adults are free - all they need to buy are their own food and drinks.  We recommend buying a few pies (rather than individual slices).

Join us for all the cheesy fun!