Ways to Raise!

Peace A Pizza wants to partner with your organization to help you raise funds. We can do this in a number of different ways. Choose your favorite!

#1 Fundraiser Night

Set up a fundraiser night at a conveniently located Peace A Pizza Restaurant. Peace A Pizza will donate a percentage of your event’s proceeds to your charity.(details below)

#2 Slice Cards

Purchase coupons for delicious Peace A Pizza slices. We hook you up with a major discount! Then sell them at retail value and pocket the profit!

#3 Pizza Coupons

Purchase coupons for whole pies at a substantial discount. Sell them at full price and net several dollars per coupon sold. After the sale, your work is done and the profit is in the bag!

Want To Join In The Fundraising? It's Easy As Pizza Pie!

  1. Choose a date and time about a month ahead. We like Sundays-Thursdays b/t 5pm and 9pm best!
  2. Personalize a coupon to set your gang apart from the crowd. We will provide a sample to aid in creating your coupon which should include: Event date and time and the Peace A Pizza store address and phone# (please ask us about using multiple Peace A Pizza locations to maximize your results!)
  3. Attain coupon approval from those helpful guys in the Peace A Pizza office.
  4. Pass out your coupons!!! friends, co-workers and every pizza-lover you know!
  5. Provide us with a headcount the week prior to your event - LOFTY GOAL= 1 ZILLION!!...REALITY ` about 60% of coupon holders usually turn out. Peace A Pizza will tally receipts presented with coupons the night of your event. A check for 20% of gross sales will be mailed to your organization 2-3 weeks after the event

Please Note: All marketing and distribution of coupons must be done PRIOR to the event. You may NOT hand them out onsite at the restaurant during the event.